Live & Direct With Joseph


Joseph in the WYEP studios on September 28th, 2016. Joseph are three sisters from Oregon: Natalie, Allison, and Meegan Closner. Natalie started off her music career solo with her sisters joining her later. "I did a little EP and my dad was like 'You should go on tour! Let's call everyone we know across the country and have you play in their living rooms!' I did that a couple times and a friend of mine took me aside and told me it seemed like I didn't really believe in my music. Why would I play music that I didn't really believe in. He asked me what I needed to do to feel compelled by my music and that was when I had the idea to ask the girls."

While Meegan and Allison do not have any formal training, they added so much to Natalie's perspective on music, "I though 'Oh I can write a song! I know how to sing!' I didn't know a lot of the ways I was coming at it were just forced from this method type of way. They came in with their gut insticts and came up were like a million types better than what I could come up with." 

The sisters came from a musicial household where their dad had a passion and enthusiasm for sharing music with his daughters. According to Natalie, "He was famous for being like, 'Oh my God! You have to hear this song! Listen to this vocal!' and then playing it for us in the car at deafening volume. I think we all have hearing damage, but it was worth it!"

The band was named after their grandfather, Jo and the town he lives in: Joseph, OR. "It was just the legacy he had in that town that was amazing to us. He has done a ton of volunteer work in that community. My mom was telling me that he's the runner for when someone gives and eye donation, I don't know how it works, it's surgical. But he'll get a call in the middle of the night and just pick up and go do it. He gives a lot." Apparently, he is very flattered by this gesture and wears the band's t-shirts regularly. 

Set list: 

Hundred Ways


I Don't Mind

White Flag

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