Live and Direct with The Gathering Field


The Gathering Field perform in the WYEP studios on March 11, 2016 in honor of the 20th anniversary of their Atlantic Records debut album, Lost in America. The record first came out indepently on March 12, 1996 and three weeks after, the band signed a deal with Atlantic. Frontman Bill Deasy explains that it was a pretty interesting time to be releasing music, "If you sold like X number of records in a certain amount of time, record companies would take notice. I think we sold something like 5,000 copies in three weeks and they all swooped in. It was fun!"

At the time the album came out, everyone in the band was able to 100% focus on music. They were actively touring and selling out shows and it really marked a special time in their lives. Lost in America was recorded in Germantown, New York at The Club House due to a connection with guitarist Dave Brown, who remixed a Rusted Root record at the studio. "It was set there by the river and the railroad tracks, it couldn't have been a more perfect setting to make that record," says Deasy.

When it comes to feeling different about these 20 year old songs, Deasy claims that he still feels strongly after all this time. Of their biggest hit "Lost in America" he says, "I've played that forever over the years and it still seems to resonate in such a basic way with people. My feelings toward the songs haven't changed. There's just something about that record..."

Set List: 

- Middle Road

- Rhapsody in Blue

- Bound to Be

- Lost in America