Live and Direct with Meeting of Important People


Meeting of Important People perform in the WYEP Studios on February 26, 2016 in support of their album Troika. "It's been about 4 years since we've done a full record! It's a blast... We get the led out and recorded all through the fall. We got Jake Hanner of Donora to produce the album. He's a brilliant producer who's worked on great local and national projects. We did the whole album at his house- up Route 8!" say Josh Verbanets, fronman for the band. "He brings the best out of us, for sure,' says drummer Matt Miller. 

The album has a grown-up feel where the band really has come into their own. "We really found ourselves, as cheesey as it sounds... This is the first time we included some of the greatest musicians we know: Cara (Garofalo) on violin our friend Joe Bad on trumpet (he plays with Brandon Flowers of The Killers). This is the first time that we have these other musicians playing these themes on our songs."

Of the album cover Verbanets says, "That's actually a picture of West View Park, it's a little before my time, but my mom and dad went there. Gary, our photographer, saw The Rolling Stones in like '64 or '65. We found this guy name Charles Myklos, it's a picture of him in his teens or twenties in the park. It's funny because it's clearly summer and the park is open, but he's standing there alone with The Dips Roller Coaster is in the background. It just fit the vibe really well."

Verbanets talked about his side project Josh & Gab with local comedian Gab Bonesso. "She and I do school programs all over Western Pennsylvania, we've been to 7 different states, and we do this Anti-Bullying Program. Five days a week at 8 in the morning, I'm screaming "IS EVERYBODY READY FOR ROCK AND ROLL" at an elementary school. That helped this album because I would write these songs where no one would know what I was talking about. In Josh & Gab, I have to have lyrics that people can understand. It's helped me craft lyrics that actually communicate."


- MOIP Intro

- Tell Me It's Not Too Late

- I'm Flying Close to It

- All Rode Off Together