Jesse Dee Guest DJs on The Morning Mix


R&B and Soul musician, Jesse Dee joined Cindy Howes on the Morning Mix to play Guest DJ. Jesse Dee originates from Boston, Massachusetts and recently released his newest album On My Mind / In My Heart.  

The first song Jesse played for us was “Minute By Minute” by The James Hunter Six. “We’ve had the opportunity to play a number of shows together, he is just someone I look up to stylistically. I’ve probably heard these songs 60 or 70 times but it never gets old,” says Jesse admitting that he believes that he and James Hunter are “boys”.

After The James Hunter Six, Jesse Dee played Lake Street Dive’s song “Bobby Tanqueray” off of the recent album Bad Self Portraits. Jesse Dee and Lake Street Dive have a history together as both of the bands are from Boston. Dee has enjoyed watching the rise of this band and has collaborated with the group a few times here and there.

The final song we hear from Jesse is from Lee Field and the Expressions 2012 album Faithful Man with “Still Hanging On”. “Lee Fields is one of the best performers I’ve seen. His ability to convey emotion with a certain finesse that only comes from a 45 year career in the music business is just remarkable to me.”   

Jesse Dee played Live and Direct at WYEP later that day and played at the Thunderbird Cafe in Lawrenceville. Check out what else Jesse Dee is up to at his website.

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