Guest DJ: Dan Savage


Dan Savage is the author of the syndicated sex advice column Savage Love.  Dan Savage joined Joey Spehar on The Morning Mix to play Guest DJ and talk about The HUMP Tour.

Savage starts off his guest DJ set with “Sigourney Weaver” by John Grant, an artist who, though well known in the UK, usually only plays small venues in the US. Most of Grant’s work, Savage says, is very beautiful, “stream of consciousness” pieces. “There’s a lot you can’t play on the radio, because he uses the language that people actually use when they talk about their feelings and their love lives and their heartbreak which involves a lot of cursing.”

Savage being a big fan of Garfunkel & Oates then picks the duo’s song “As You Are” and says the song shows a lot of range and “breaks his heart.” “A lot of their songs are very, really extremely funny about romance and about love and about dating,” but this song, Savage says, shows that underneath all the comedy, there’s a soul in this duo.

Savage ends his set with a powerful and funny song “Thank You God” from Tim Minchin, an atheist changed into a believer, and this song details Minchin’s epiphany, apologizing to God. “If you don’t have a sense of humor about faith, you might wanna turn off the radio now, but if you do this is a terrific song for you.”

Savage is in town for the HUMP film festival tour which he says started as a joke in the paper, announcing an amateur porn film festival, but surely enough people voiced their approval. None of the films would be put online or on DVDs, so the performers “could be porn stars for the weekend in this movie theater and not porn stars for the rest of their lives on the internet.” After getting approval from the performers though, Savage was able to bring the festival across the country.

Dan Savage's Guest DJ Set:

John Grant - Sigourney Weaver
Garfunkel & Oates - As You Are
Tim Minchin - Thank You God

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