Elizabeth & The Catapult on The Morning Mix


Elizabeth Ziman of Elizabath & The Catapult talks to Cindy Howes about the new album Like It Never Happened on The Morning Mix.

Like It Never Happened, released in January, was a jump for Elizabeth Ziman. Unlike most of her albums that were written for piano, this one was centered around the guitar. “I was kind of searching for a new approach — something to get me excited about music again.” “I started busking a lot. I think I only used three chords when I first started, but after about a year of doing it I was writing all my songs on the ground.” A majority of her songs would be written before she even got home, she said.

Ziman studied classical music when she was very young and while studying piano she also learned a different approach to the guitar. As a music teacher, when Ziman picked up a guitar, she said it all came back to the piano, and it became easier to improvise. “I think maybe that’s because I was approaching [guitar] in a different way and there was a much more percussive element.”

One of Ziman’s piano students also happened to be American R&B singer and musician Aaron Neville, and Ziman described her student as a “gentle giant” who just wanted to play the hits and sing along at practice. Even someone as musically talented as Neville can want to go back to square one and take lessons again, Ziman says.

Ziman’s artistic mind, sprouted partially from her father, once a mime and actor, and she says most of her music, including her song “Happy Pop Song” is written for him. “When I wrote a song that he liked, he’s cooking in the kitchen, and I’ll start dancing, doing a little jig, and that’s how I know I’d gotten somewhere.

Elizabeth & The Catapult will be performing June 28 at WYEP’s summer music festival in Schenley Plaza.

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