David Lowery of Camper Van Beethoven on The Morning Mix


David Lowery of Camper Van Beethoven (and also Cracker!) talks to Cindy Howes about CVB's new album El Camino Real on The Morning Mix. 

El Camino Real is a “companion” to the bands 2013 album La Costa Perdida. Lowerly says, by that, he means both albums were from the same era of songwriting which would give a structure to the albums. “The last album we just kinda grouped everything together largely by the stuff that was set in Northern California. This album is all the stuff that we grouped for Southern California.“

Camper Van Beethoven was formed 1983 in California, and the band’s love for their home can be heard through the lyrics. “Lyrically I’m definitely sort of on a little mission right now to do something I haven’t done before which is sort of a documentary sort of exploration of my home-state in a way.” Lowerly’s interest in essays and books such as Imperial fueled the inspiration for the band’s cultural roots in its music.

Lowery isn’t finished though with keeping on the subject of California, as his other band Cracker is working on two more disks for the saga that will hopefully be released as a double album next year. The first disk has an “East bay, punk-rock” feel — very political, he says, and disk two is more about the Bakers field country exploration.

One of the song titles “Classy Dames and Able Gents” on El Camino Real, Lowerly says, is about a secretive subject he came across browsing the subject of The Greenbrier bunkers in West Virginia. After finding a peculiar website, he got the song name from the oblique video channels tuned only to static — and no, he wasn’t searching Radiohead’s website.

Being part of two successful bands for many years, Lowerly says, has given him necessary experience, and some words of advice to those still young would be “don’t make long term decisions. 25-year old men tend to make long term decisions about the rest of their life at like 2 a.m. after they’ve had six beers. If you can kind of stay away from making decision at times like that, you’ll be successful as a band.”

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