Ari Picker from Lost In The Trees on The Morning Mix


Ari Picker, lead man of Chapel Hill orchestral band Lost in the Trees recently joined Cindy Howes of the Morning Mix to discuss the band’s new album, Past Life. Lost In The Trees is Picker’s project that was started following his time at Berklee College of Music. The group is comprised of orchestrally trained musicians who explore dynamic folk sounds throughout their albums. The most recent album, Past Life, has changed pace, steering away from emotional sentiments, towards something a lot more vibrant.

Lost in the Trees’ 2012 album A Church That Fits Our Needs was a celebration and remembrance of Ari Picker’s mother, who had passed a few years prior, and served as closure for the tragic event. This time around Picker knew that he couldn’t follow the same trend as he had with his previous albums, but felt he had more freedom to have fun with his work.

“I think the main purpose of the album was to have fun making music again. Before it was very personal and it was dramatic. Also very healing and I’m proud of it, but it was heavy, so it felt good to just have fun writing a record.”

“I had done something very specific in the past and it’s probably good to open my eyes to other things. It’s really freeing and allowed me to write another record, which I guess I knew I couldn’t do the same thing again so it’s either do something different or not do anything at all.”

Picker drew his influence on Past Life from museum visits where instead of simply sitting in front of a blank page writing music he would pull from his emotions in galleries and perhaps take literal themes from pieces of art. This album was more minimalistic compared to previous records, as Cindy notices that Picker took a “less is more approach.”

“Sonically, I think the less you have in the picture, the bigger those elements can be. You can hear more of the texture of the elements, you can hear the kick drum and the atmosphere around it versus if you’re packing a song with a ton of stuff.”

Picker also comments that his minimalistic approach to this album is what makes the songs more focused and sisynced. Lost in the Trees’ Past Life is out now and we suggest you give it a listen. More information can be found on their website.

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