Aoife O'Donovan on The Morning Mix


American singer-songwriter, Aoife O’Donovan, recently joined Cindy Howes on the Morning Mix to talk about her newest album, Fossils. The vocalist of Boston based bluegrass group, Crooked Still, Aoife O’Donovan’s solo album Fossils is something she has been thinking about since the age of 18.

A daughter of an Irish immigrant in Boston, Aoife was raised by a family who welcomed touring musicians into their home regularly. Her father’s work as a public radio DJ combined with the family’s pre-existing Irish folk connections led Aoife to grow up with a sense of community in musicianship.

“My parent’s house was sort of the home base for a lot of touring Irish bands that would come through town. They would have huge parties, there would be music all night, all different kinds of musicians collaborating in my parents living room. From a very young age I was exposed to this so it seems like the natural course of events to want to go down that path.”

Alison Krauss and Union Station covered one of O’Donovan’s songs, “Lay My Burden Down” from a 2007 demo record, which was eventually used in a film and played throughout Alison Krauss’ entire tour. O’Donovan’s version of “Lay My Burden Down” can be found on Fossils as the first track.

Aoife worked closely with producer Tucker Martine on Fossils and his influence allowed her to look at music a bit differently. Being so familiar with performing with an entire band, Aoife now takes a different approach when touring solo. “Getting to record these songs with Tucker kind of helped me think about songs as individual kinds of artifacts, or fossils...I think getting really into the inside of a song, which is what I did with Tucker, has really helped me.”

In Pittsburgh, Aoife O’Donovan will be opening for the Punch Brothers at Mr. Small’s Fun House. Check out the full interview with Aoife O’Donovan below.

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