Animal Rescue League Guest DJ Set on The Morning Mix


Janice Barnard, program director of The Animal Rescue League, plays Guest DJ on The Morning Mix.

Barnard says the summer’s been busy and hectic at the shelter this summer, but that’s typical because lots of new animals are always coming in. “We’re up to our eyeballs in both cats and dogs.” Barnard picks some animal themed songs for her Guest DJ set. Her first pick, “Golden Retriever” by Super Furry Animals, is a shout-out to her dad’s dog “Pork Chop.”

As far as cats at the shelter in the summer, numbers increase exponentially. There is though a large network of fosters in the community which the shelter hopes to expand to anyone who can foster. Barnard says she does sometimes sing “Love Cats” by The Cure, her second Guest DJ song, to the cats and whether they necessarily like The Cure or not is unknown, but they do like jazz, classical and even the hits from the 70s and 80s.

Barnard’s last song, “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)” by Florence and the Machine, is a song for rabbits, a request from Cindy Howes. Barnard says rabbits are the third largest numbered animals to come into the shelter, and it’s even acceptable to bring a rabbit to staff meetings at the shelter which make them run more smoothly.

Janice Barnard’s Guest DJ Set

Super Furry Animals “Golden Retriever”

The Cure “Love Cats”

Florence and the Machine “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)”

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