Adam Granduciel of The War on Drugs Guest DJ


Adam Granduciel of The War on Drugs joined Cindy Howes on the Morning Mix to play guest DJ. The War on Drugs recently released their third studio album Lost in the Dream on Secretly Canadian. Granduciel lived in California for a few years before taking a train to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, eventually ending up in Philadelphia by 2003. Adam moved to Philly on a whim when he was feeling unsatisfied with his life working in a restaurant and recording music in his bedroom. Granduciel still resides in Philly where he bases The War on Drugs. Adam expressed that his personal music taste line up pretty well with the music he is writing and playing with The War on Drugs.

“I’m a huge fan of classic songwriters and record production. We’re not setting out to make our band sound just like that, it’s just kind of the way I approach songwriting, and producing albums and recording.”

The first song he plays for us is from Steve Forbert’s first album Alive on Arrival with “Midsummer Night’s Toast.” Alive on Arrival was Forbert’s first album, released in 1978 and Granduciel says this tune has some of his favorite verses. “It’s just this young kid who's kind of seeing his future in some way, he’s got high hopes.”

Granduciel transitions into John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy” and reflects on the time he was first introduced to John Lennon and the Beatles in general. Adam’s mother was a beatles fan, but more so a fan of Roy Orbison which led Adam to hear a lot of George Harrison.

“When I was 17 or 18 I had my intense phase of trying to decide which Beatle was the best Beatle or how maniacal Paul was, and getting into the recording of Sgt. Pepper's, so even though musically I don’t fit in with the Beatles, they were one of my first real obsessive phases with music.”

Adam Granduciel loves everything about “Jealous Guy.” He tells us that last year while recording Lost in the Dreams he heard the alternate rough mixes from Imagine. “Just hearing that record in a different way blew my mind, especially “Jealous Guy”. Everytime I hear it I close my eyes and I’m just amazed by how beautiful the song is.”

The final song we hear is “Love in Mind” from Neil Young’s 1973 release Time Fades Away. Time Fades Away was a live show recorded after the high success of Harvest, but was a tour Neil Young was disappointed with. “Everyone in the band was partying too hard and asking for too much money. He always said it was like he was playing the wrong songs with the wrong band. “Love in Mind” is the last song on Side A, just him at the piano and it’s one of my favorite Neil Young songs.”

The War on Drugs’ new record Lost in a Dream was released on March 18th and the band will be performing at the Altar Bar in Pittsburgh.

Adam Granduciel's Guest DJ set:
1. Steve Forbert - "Midsummer Night’s Toast"
2. John Lennon - "Jealous Guy"
3. Neil Young - "Love in Mind"

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