Audio Recording


Leave WYEP a recording telling us what song you use to get you through rough times. Tell us which song and why.

Click the "start recording" button below when you're ready to begin. Once you see the timer start, tell us your first name and the town (or Pittsburgh neighborhood) where you live, and then tell us what you want to share.

All messages sent to us using this page may be used on-the-air at WYEP and via WYEP's online streaming, and/or online on WYEP's website, app, social media, or other digital platforms. By sending us a voice message you give us permission to let us use your voice through any or all of these methods.

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Thanks for helping out! Listen to Rosemary Welsch's Anti-Valentine's Special on February 13th from 2 to 6 PM to see if we use your story (or breakup song/album/movie)!