The Olms "The Olms"

Pete Yorn and JD King craft sunny songs that reflect 1960 and '70 era inspiration

Creating a refuge away from the crazy world is one way to maintain one’s sanity, and replenish the creative wellspring.  Pete Yorn joined the artist/musician J.D. King in his Los Angeles bungalow with its flowing garden and newly designed retro-studio. Yorn brings his decade of success to the recording while the younger King brings refreshing inspiration to the sessions. He learned music by rooting through boxes of old album his father rescued. In them were releases from The Beatles, Jimmie Rogers, The Everly Brothers, Tony Rice, and Elvis Presley.


Using vintage equipment and 1960s and ‘70s music as their influence, The Olms, as they call themselves, have crafted songs that ring with Beach Boy harmonies, particularly the first track the pair recorded together, “Twice As Nice.” “Wanna Feel It All” captures a sound reminiscent of Buckingham/Nicks era Fleetwood Mac. The album is packed with sunny songs, strummed guitar, psychedelic atmosphere, and organic production.

Rosemary Welsch (Afternoon Mix)