Marcus King Band "Carolina Confessions"

We already knew Marcus King was great guitar player. We already knew he had a voice weathered with pain and longing and wisdom beyond his years (he’s just 22). We already knew that his band could be as tight or loose as they needed to be to tell a compelling musical story. We knew this. It’s been very apparent.

This, however, is the record we’ve been waiting for Marcus King and his band to make. Carolina Confessions is bursting with great playing and soulful singing, but it’s the songwriting that stands out on this one. King’s signature wail adds depth to songs about love and loss, friendship, death, and redemption. His guitar adds even more depth as it reaches for the skies and digs deep in the muddy earth of King’s South Carolina home.

Produced by Dave Cobb, Carolina Confessions is a wonderful example of what’s right about music these days. Yes, it’s got a retro feel. Yes, some of these songs could live just as comfortably on a long-lost Allman Brothers Band album. No, that’s not a bad thing. These songs are as timeless as their subject matter and hold up to multiple listens. In fact, more of that depth is apparent on each subsequent spin.

Don’t worry, Marcus King isn’t going anywhere. He’s not one of those guys who shows up and then disappears just as you want more. He’s been at this or a decade already (he’s just 22) and it’s been a proper slow burn. 

Joey Spehar (Morning Mix)