Jack Johnson "From Here To Now To You"

Jack Johnson's latest is a valentine to his happy family life.

Jack Johnson is both a happy and very private guy. He’s been with his high school sweetheart for twenty years and is father to three children, but don’t ask him to reveal the names of his kids. Some things are off limits which makes it challenging when your inspiration for a new album is your happy life and family.

From Here To Now To You is a valentine to Johnson’s family. The twelve songs on the album range from love ballads to his wife, to light rock songs either about his unnamed kids or his attempt to see the world through his children’s eyes. Whether Johnson is serenading his wife or crawling into the psyche of his progeny his perspective is positive. In searching for the balance between his personal life and what he is willing to share with the world, Johnson is adept at finding universal images and emotions. Maybe this is why his music is so easy to slip into.

Another reason why it is so easy to listen to Johnson’s work is his major key melodic agility. Johnson’s sound doesn’t change much from album to album. You can count on lots of acoustic guitar, dobro, ukulele, lightly brushed percussion, piano and Wurlitzer, and the occasional nature sounds that creep into recordings. Vibes, accordion, melodica, and glockenspiel are sprinkled throughout. There are a few new production twists, thanks to producer Mario Caldato who worked with Johnson on his 2005 release In Between Dreams but nothing that will surprise long-time fans.

Johnson works with long time collaborators Adam Topol, Zach Gill, Merlo Podlewski, and buddy Ben Harper. The album was recorded with solar energy at Johnson’s home studio.

Rosemary Welsch (Afternoon Mix)