Haim "Something To Tell You"

It was close to 6 years ago that I wandered into a showcase of acts that I hadn't heard of on a closing night of SXSW in Austin, TX.  HAIM were there to close that evenings lineup, and even though Este Haim broke an electric bass guitar string during their set, the show was a glimpse into their future as rock stars. After 5 days of constant music and bands I was told were a must-see, Haim brought the crowd together with harmonies and a combo of rock and pop.  Haim consist of 3 sisters; Danielle, Este, and Alana who have been together for ten years.  Their sophomore album, Something To Tell You, was released on their 10th anniversary of doing their first live show as a band.

The growth of the band as a rock-collides-with-pop force on only their second full length, can be attributed through spotless production, the tying of many genres and eras together seamlessly, and the ability to take on writing about relationships in some new and honest ways, in a pop setting.  This is evident on the first single ‘Want You Back” and "Nothings Wrong".   Equal parts 70’s rock, dance and new-wave sounds of the 80’s, combined with 90’s rock and R&B sensibilities. It's a recording that's a sonic listen made for open highways or if you want to soak in the lyrics while walking through the park.