Blitzen Trapper "All Across This Land"

Over its 12 year history, Blitzen Trapper has produced eight albums. Some have been lo-fi affairs that ring with raw energy, roots rock, and narrative tales of desperate characters. Other, more recent releases have received more spit and polish, and honed in themes. Count All Across This Land in the latter group. Songwriter, singer, producer, Eric Early created the album’s ten song in deliberate fashion over several months, hewing away the band’s rougher edges and adopting a shorter, punchier pop structure for the songs.

Blitzen Trapper’s sound has always been grounded in rock but has often revealed folk elements, mainly in the narrative songs. That still can be heard on “Cadillac Road,” but that is the exception. All Across This Land finds influence in the music of Early’s teenage years. He cites R.E.M., The Replacements, and The Bangles as inspiration for the album. The impact isn’t overt. It comes through in the album’s melodic direction, the occasional obstinate attitude, and the increased use of synthesizer in the production. Still you’ll hear strains of Tom Petty, Dylan, and Springsteen.

Rosemary Welsch (Afternoon Mix)