Album Spotlight: Salt By Angie McMahon


“Salt” is the debut album from a young Australian artist named Angie McMahon and it’s been several years in the making.

In 2013, she won a contest and got to open for Bon Jovi on the Australian leg of his tour. She did really well, but didn’t like the direction of her music. She decided to scrap everything and start over.

In “Salt,” there are parts that rock, but other parts are really raw and vulnerable. For instance, these lyrics from the song “Pasta”:

My bedroom is a disaster

My dog has got kidney failure

I’ve been sitting at the bar too much

Kissing people in my head

And saying rubbish things I should not have said

The feelings of self-worth she mulls on the album generate what we imagine could be universal empathy. She’s a great guitar player, but what really shines is her intense voice.

Listen to a full album review from WYEP's Rosemary Welsch and Joey Spehar:


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