Album Spotlight: Kingdom In My Mind


They say you never really know when inspiration is going to strike.

For Oliver Wood it was while driving along the highway in Alabama when he saw the sign for a town called Alabaster.

“Alabaster” is the lead track on the Woods Brothers’ new album “Kingdom In My Mind.” For this album, they got their own recording and practice space, where brothers Oliver and Chris, along with Jano Rix, would jam for hours at a time. Afterwards, they’d go through tapes and find out what works and pick songs for the album.

They all bring their musical strong suits to this new "Kingdom In My Mind."

While Chris is probably the most famous of the band members, it’s brother Oliver who takes the lead on this album.

“You know, Chris and I spent a lot of time, before the Wood Brothers, growing up and playing with other people and living in different parts of the country, so we didn’t really start the Wood Brothers until we played our 10,000 hours and become seasoned musicians,” Oliver told WYEP’s Rosemary Welsch back in 2019. “But during that time, we really grew apart. I think the music is the glue that really keeps us together.”

This is also the first time in the band’s history that everyone has been credited equally in songwriting.

Hear more from Rosemary and WYEP’s Joey Spehar about the album:


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