Album Spotlight: Circles By Mac Miller

The production and performance of Mac Miller’s posthumous album “Circles” gorgeously showcases the Pittsburgh rapper’s growth.

“If you would have given me this album in 2011 when ‘Blue Slide Park’ was released, I would have said this is not the same person, this is just not possible,” said WYEP’s Joey Spehar.

Miller worked with well-known producer John Bryan, who works with a lot of rock stars. And the album reflects Miller’s desire to be taken seriously as an artist.

It also shows that he was really interested in a lot of different styles of music. For instance, the song “Blue World” almost sounds like something out of the 1940s.

“As soon as you hear it, you’re thinking to yourself, ‘wow, where is he going with this?’” Rosemary Welsch said.  

“Circles” was intended to be the second album in a trilogy. And while we’ll never know exactly what the arc of the three albums was going to be, it seems like he was creating some kind of progression.

“This is always going to be one of those albums that makes me thing, ‘who knows, what if?’” Welsch said.

Hear Rosemary Welsch and Joey Spehar's full album review below: