Album Spotlight: "Broken At The Break Of Day" By Fruition


The Portland-based band Fruition just released a new album, “Broken at the Break of Day.” The release is might seem surprising, since the band just released another album only a few months ago.

Both are on the short side, with just seven songs on each. But as WYEP's Rosemary Welsch and Joey Spehar point out, it's not unexpected that Fruition would release two ablums so close together.

“This is a really busy band,” said Welsch.

Producing so much content is something they're doing strategically, trying to get out in front of the people consuming their music.

The band describes themselves as folk rock, but they do so much more.

“I think 'Fruition' might be the genre they’re in,” Welsch said, “they are their own thing.”

When Fruition first started creating music, they had more of a new grass band. But through the course of several albums and festival performances, they’ve grown and changed.

“They’re just growing as musicians, so obviously, this sound is evolving,” Welsch said.

The band is also constantly traveling and they recorded this album in Denver, in the midst of a tour. The idea behind it was to capture the sound of the band on stage.

And with three singers and three songwriters, Fruition stands apart from other folk acts. They’ve also mastered how to intertwine several sounds at the same time.

“If you like a live show where people move around and dance and interact, that’s this kind of band,” Welsch said.

Hear more of their review and songs from "Broken at the Break of Day" below:


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