Album Spotlight: Black Hole Rainbow By Devon Gilfillian


Devon Gilfillian finally put out his big debut album.

We say “finally” because he was in the WYEP studios over the summer and mentioned this album. After waiting and waiting, it’s here.

He’s considered a Nashville artist, but he grew up in Philly. Gilfillian’s father was in the popular group Café Ole, so he grew up in a musical environment.

When Gilfillian last visited WYEP, he mentioned how it took him a while to find his own voice, without sounding like his father. He also talked about how he formed his band and created this new album.

“We went to this old studio, Electro-Vox in Hollywood, and we tracked, basically, 11 instrumentals and pretended like we were like an old band in the ‘60s and ‘70s and kind of just using all this amazing vintage gear,” he said. “And then we laid that all down to tape, put it on vinyl, and then we took that vinyl to … studio and chopped it up and broke it to pieces and re-recorded.”

Listen to the audio above to find out more about how Gilfillian created this album and what WYEP’s Rosemary Welsch and Joey Spehar think of it.


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