Russ Loyd

Director of Technology

My love of all things music originated with my parents while growing up in Macon, GA. I got into audio engineering and photography while attending The University of Georgia. After 10 years in Charleston, SC, which included my initiation into broadcast engineering and an introduction to the most beautiful and patient soul on the planet, I moved to Nashville, TN. That beautiful soul, Gena, was understanding enough to give me her hand in marriage and we co-founded the Loyd family and feel blessed to enjoy each day with our children Metta and Rainer. We love Pittsburgh! It is such a great city to raise children in.  

The easiest way to describe what I do it to say that I am responsible for every wire from the microphone to the tower and everything in between.  Its a hodgepodge of RF, audio and computer engineering.  

Public radio is where its at, ya'll.