Alisha Rinefierd

Traffic Assistant

My brother loves to explain what it is that I do from 9-5: “She plays in traffic.” Well, imagine me with a neon yellow vest, helping to direct the flow of time, scheduling everything besides the awesome music that Cindy, Mike, Rosemary and the dedicated volunteer hosts choose for you.

I first landed here at WYEP in the fall of 2008 for a year of service through Pittsburgh Urban Leadership Service Experience (PULSE). I was new to the city—hailing from central Ohio—and very, very new to the artists WYEP plays. You see, most kids grow up with music from their parent’s generation; I guess my parents are over 200 years old. Mom’s favorite CD for family road-trips was a collection of wedding music that invariably brought her to tears. Dad always seemed to reach for the classics…in classical music. I can jam out to Handel’s "Messiah" like nobody’s business. I appreciate this in many ways; I just needed more.

Therein lies the beauty of WYEP. Since coming on as staff in 2011, I’m discovering the music before my time and getting to know who’s new on the scene. A little notebook on my desk has a running list of artists that particularly catch my ear. Learn along with me and tune in daily for the best education around!